ONLINE training session

At AFB we offer online & personal private training sessions to meet your aerial fitness goals & cirque needs!

  • 1 hour private zoom call focusing on your aerial fitness goals!
    1 hr
    100 US dollars
  • 1 hour in person private focusing on your aerial fitness goals!
    1 hr
    120 US dollars
Bodyweight fitness

Jesse Irizary:

Owner & Head Preparation Coach JDI Barbell, NYC

Stuart McKenzie has changed the way I’ve looked at trunk and shoulder stability for powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting. I have been closely involved in both the coaching and competition in these barbell sports for close to fifteen years and have always struggled on how to incorporate novel drills, exercises, and movements to build up often neglected muscle groups and movement patterns. 


With Stuart's extensive background in human movement and biomechanics he’s been able to create a curriculum with with Aerial Fit Bodies program that is something easily digestible and interesting for strength athletes to participate in and see all of the benefits of physical therapy and corrective exercises without the hassle and the monotony that usually comes with this practice. 


I recommend his program for any lifter looking to not only improve and stay healthy but are looking for a way to use their bodies in new and interesting ways. 

Bodyweight fitness

Justin Troy:
2 Bridges Muay Thai; NYC

My name is Justin Troy, I am a Muay Thai coach as well as a competitive athlete in the sport. Due to my sport and career, I’ve accumulated injuries to my shoulder, elbow and ribs. I had the pleasure of meeting and training with Stuart using Aerial Fit Bodies. 

Although I had no experience in strap training, Stuart guided me through it at a level I was comfortable with. I felt the progression was safe and my joints feel stronger and less susceptible to injury. Strap training also challenges my core in a different way, improving balance and hitting muscles you don’t normally use benefitting your posture