Bodyweight fitness

Andrew Cohen, Aerialist; Australia

Working with Stu from Aerial Fitness Bodies has completely transformed my approach to training.

When we started, my fitness regime was in a funk, a plateau, not moving forward.

Through my AFB lessons, Stu has helped me set goals and through safe progressions, work steadily towards them.

His extensive movement background and deep understanding of safe technique and efficient

training practices makes Stu a top-level coach. From the first lesson, I could tell he was an expert and

had the knowledge, skills, and passion to make real change in his students. I now feel motivated,

focussed, and capable of continuing to develop my strength, skills and fitness and I’m very grateful

to Stu for that. I whole-heartedly recommend the AFB program for beginners and advanced

practitioners alike.


Frankie, Aerialist; Bordeaux, France 

"When I started private coaching sessions with Stuart via zoom, I couldn't do a single chinup. A year later, despite not having consistent access to full straps because of the pandemic, somehow I am able to do switches and rollups and planches and all sorts of cool tricks. The static conditioning with AFB straps has given me the shoulder stability and technique required to feel safe attempting new tricks. I'm always working at the edge of my ability, but never trying things before I am ready. Ten out of ten. Best decision ever."